SPADAC leads the way with innovative promo film: Your Apprentice in Safe Hands


A new animated film (watch it here) promoting the SPADAC apprenticeship scheme to employers is rolling out across Scotland.

The Scottish Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship Council received funding from CITB to produce an innovative promotional TV brochure, which includes a small screen for a film called Your Apprentice in Safe Hands.

The Scottish Decorators’ Federation, who administer the SPADAC scheme, specially commissioned James Alcock Films to create the two-minute animation, working with the production team on the voiceover script and storyboard.


Eagle-eared listeners may recognise the narrator as Karen Bartke who plays Officer Karen in BBC Scotland’s spoof documentary Scot Squad.

The finished product – believed to be the first of its kind in the sector – has already wowed many in the industry and will be used by CITB’s Apprentice Officers to explain to employers how their apprentices could benefit from the scheme.


Ian Rogers, chief executive of SDF, said: “The idea behind of the TV cards is to stand out and promote the scheme. The TV brochure also ensures that, through AOs, we deliver a consistent message to employers about SPADAC and what we do for our apprentices.

“SPADAC is an apprenticeship scheme that has been recognised by BIS so it’s only fitting that everything we do reflects our best practice approach, including marketing.”

Phil Ford, Strategic Partnerships Director (Scotland) said: “CITB is delighted to support this fantastic new initiative. This new format is an engaging and innovative way of reaching employers, and will help to increase the number of apprentice registrations, at a time when we urgently need more young people entering the construction industry.”

The film will also be available on the SPADAC website and the websites of the schemes partners – SDF, CITB and SQA.