Size matters for Leyland’s Hardwearing Matt

Hardwearing Matt 10L

Established trade paint brand Leyland continues to invest in its popular Hardwearing Matt product having announced that the extremely durable emulsion is now available in 10L and 2.5L pack sizes in Brilliant White.

The new pack sizes, which complement the existing 5L pack size, will ensure that professional trade users are equipped with solutions that work for any project.

The 10L packs will be the perfect partner for tradespeople working on large-scale projects as it will mean fewer packs will need purchasing and transporting, helping to save money, time and space.

The 2.5L packs, meanwhile, are ideal for use on smaller jobs, such as individual rooms, and help to reduce the amount of potentially wasted product and the need to transport excess product to site.

Leyland Trade’s Hardwearing Matt has been specially formulated to provide a high performance hardwearing finish that is extremely durable, long lasting and washable.  Able to withstand repeated cleaning, the paint also benefits from excellent stain and moisture resisting properties making it ideal for areas that are subject to wear and tear or condensation.

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