Johnstone’s Aqua range continues expansion

Johnstone's Aqua Satin

Johnstone’s is continuing to lead the charge in water-based paint technology with the introduction of a Satin topcoat to its Aqua trim range following strong demand from customers.

Over the past 18 months, more and more decorators have switched to using Johnstone’s Aqua Gloss system after discovering that the product application, feel and appearance is more familiar to that of solvent-based products, but also brings with it the benefits of shorter drying times, less yellowing and lower odour.

Johnstone’s has responded swiftly to this shift in the marketplace and now decorators can arm themselves with an Aqua Water Based Satin topcoat to sit alongside the existing Gloss and Undercoat products. This ensures that they are fully equipped to take advantage of the best of both worlds with the quick drying and low odour benefits of water-based products matched with the quality finish, great coverage and excellent durability of solvent-based paints.

Johnstone’s recently held a series of Aqua Satin trials at its innovative product development facility and received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the product’s performance characteristics.

“The Aqua Satin is closer to a solvent-based satinwood than a water-based one and provides a good finish – I’m very impressed.” – Danny Halliday Snr, Danny Halliday Painter and Decorator

“Application is better than an Acrylic Satin with a longer open time and overall it is a very impressive product with a very good finish.” – Chris McCann, Chris D Green Painter and Decorator

“It feels closer to a solvent-based paint for brushing and is easier to apply than an acrylic.” – Chris Green, Chris D Green Painter and Decorator

Decorators looking for an ideal brush cleaning product to use in conjunction with the Aqua range should try Fat Hog’s new Clean Spirit, which has been formulated to remove water-based paint. Clean Spirit is a highly effective non-flammable, biodegradable and virtually odourless cleaning solution and is a must-have for all tradesmen seeking to lessen their environmental impact.

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