Get to grips with Johnstone’s Advanced Multi-Surface Primer

Advanced Multi Surface Primer_Tiles

Johnstone’s Trade has launched a new Advanced Multi-Surface Primer, which gives decorators the perfect solution for painting over highly smooth surfaces.

The new highly-adhesive product looks set to become an integral part of any decorator’s toolkit, thanks to its ability to grip to almost any difficult-to-paint surface with little or no key that would normally see a paint film peel off.

The quick drying and low odour primer also benefits from being hugely versatile as it can be over coated with both solvent and water-based products to help ensure a finish decorators can be confident with.

In addition to its outstanding grip, it will also aid decorators by being anti-corrosive, which makes it ideal for priming ferrous metals to prevent corrosion.

One of its outstanding attributes is that it can be applied directly onto new, untreated galvanised metal. This offers a safer option than using a mordant or t-wash solution, and reduces pre-treatment time for the project; allowing you to finish the job quicker

Tony Walker, who worked as a decorator for 18 years and now heads up Johnstone’s technical department, said: “Every decorator knows the importance of preparation and its role in the overall success of a project, which is why we have invested significantly in our Primers range. Johnstone’s Trade is now proud to offer decorators a comprehensive selection of primers to ensure that they are always working with the best possible foundation on which to apply the topcoat.”

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