Crown Trade Clean Extreme – the solution for wonder walls


Clean ExtremeIf you’re looking for a high performance coating that will stand the test of time and keep a long-lasting ‘just finished’ appearance, then Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt really measures up.

You can have confidence in a system that’s been tested to the max in demanding laboratory conditions, and delivered a time-proven finish in some of the busiest areas across the UK.

These qualities make Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt the ideal choice for a wide-range of facilities, including schools, universities and student accommodation, as well as nurseries, offices, hospitals, leisure facilities and housing association properties.

Its high technology formulation provides a surface that is not only wipeable, but has the real bonus of offering a truly scrubbable finish.

Marks and stains can be easily removed to ensure an attractive look is in place for the long term. This ensures a ‘just painted’ appearance is maintained, and surfaces are returned to their pristine condition time and time again.

A special polymer gives Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt its tough surface film and built-in stain resistance. Most marks and stains will not penetrate and can be easily wiped away with water. Scrubbing with a cloth soon gets rid of tougher soiling, and for deep-seated stains, scrubbing with a mild detergent will eliminate all traces.

These actions leave no burnish marks and appearances are maintained because of the unique qualities of the paint formulation, which gives Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt its totally sheen-free finish, even after repeated scrubbing with wet or dry cloths.

The amount of paint film sacrificed each time soiling is removed is minimal, and when tested under ISO 11998 – the industry standard method to determine the wet scrub resistance of a dry paint film – Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt achieved Class 1 – less than 5 microns of paint film thickness were lost after a painted test panel coated was subjected to 200 simulated cleaning cycles on a scrub testing machine. That equates to a 400 per cent increase in resistance to wet scrubbing when compared with conventional matt emulsion.

Debbie Orr, Crown Trade Marketing Manager, said: “Given its impressive credentials it’s clear to see why Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt provides the right paint for the job, which will stand the test of time.

“It ensures a wall is not only decorated but is also protected, and delivers a true flat, contemporary chalky matt finish, which can be tinted in a wide choice of colours.

“Ultimately it means your work leaves a lasting impression for quality with your clients.”

As well as a Scrubbable Matt formulation, Crown Trade Clean Extreme is also available in a durable Acrylic Eggshell. This coating offers all the durability, longevity, soil resistance and sheer scrubbability for which Scrubbable Matt is renowned, but with an attractive low sheen acrylic eggshell finish.

To highlight the system’s qualities, Crown Trade has produced a video available to view at

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Press release written by Jane Shepherd, Shepherd PR Limited email Tel 01538 308685