Crown Decorating Centres’ survey reveals power of personal colour choice

CDC manager + colour inspiration leaflet

A UK-wide survey of Crown Decorating Centre stores has revealed the top items that customers colour matched through its innovative colour mixing system.

The survey for 115 stores showed that decorators work with a growing number of customers keen to personalise their homes by co-ordinating walls with favourite household items such as kitchen cupboard doors, along with wallpaper, cushions and curtains for the lounge and bedroom.

It also revealed that a wide variety of unusual items were matched, using the CDC’s state-of-the-art colour mixing system including jumpers, dresses and socks, football and rugby shirts, vintage cars and tractors and the door of a boat, teddies, a napkin and even the colour of a customer’s own horse.

Commenting on the survey findings, Crown Decorating Centres Marketing Manager Paula Taylor said: “Decorators tell us that customers have a clear idea of what they want and household items often inspire their choice.

“The colour mixing system digitally formulates a bespoke recipe across a wide variety of paint finishes and means decorators can offer great service by sourcing an exact match.”

The colour mixing service is available at all 115 Crown Decorating Centres across the UK.  Find your nearest centre at


Press release prepared by Joanne Hine, Shepherd PR Limited, 01335 368020, email