Cladding is covered with Crown Trade Protective Coatings


Crown Trade Fast Drying Cladding Finish enables decorators to offer clients an economical and effective way to refurbish and protect their buildings, at a masterstroke.

From the Crown Trade Protective Coatings range, Fast Drying Cladding Finish has been specifically developed to adhere to pre-coated and weathered metal cladding and other external features that have become dull and discoloured over time.

The water-based, single pack coating breathes new life into tired exteriors – transforming metal cladded surfaces with an easy to achieve refurbishment process that offers outstanding protection against the elements.

It opens up opportunities for decorators to refurbish buildings in a wide-range of environments including retail sites, sports halls and warehouses. Once completed, the system offers surface protection and good looks for up to eight years.

There is also extensive colour choice – and by offering a range of shades, existing areas can usually be accurately matched up if a complete colour change is not required – offering a cost effective refurbishment solution.

Nikki Cosgrove, Crown Trade Brand Manager, said: “We’ve been receiving some great feedback from decorators about Crown Trade Protective Coatings Fast Drying Cladding Finish.

“They like the fact the system can be applied under a straightforward process, using conventional brushes, rollers or spray equipment, with no special application techniques or tools required.

“In fact, just two easy-to-apply coats can quickly transform cladding and other external features that have become weathered, dull and discoloured over time, bringing exterior metal cladding back to pristine condition.

“Crown Trade Protective Coatings High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer should also be applied, to protect any bare exposed metal from corrosion, before applying the Crown Trade Fast Drying Cladding Finish. This includes areas where the existing paint system has failed and exposed surfaces have started to appear.

“Crown Trade High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer provides the perfect foundation for Crown Trade Fast Drying Cladding Finish as a complete system.

“It cures to a low sheen finish, promoting excellent adhesion of the topcoat and is a very distinctive salmon pink colour, which makes it easy to see where the primer has been applied and to ensure that no areas have been missed.”

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Press release written by Jane Shepherd, Shepherd PR, 01538 308685 mobile 07985 129315