Wondertex provides Pristine results in County Derry

Experienced dryliners, Pristine Drylining, have used Wondertex prem filler and prem finish to complete a number of residential projects throughout County Derry.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Pristine Drylining have earned an enviable reputation for providing exceptional drylining services in both the UK and Ireland. They are known for providing their customers with first class service backed up with high performance and professional materials, with Wondertex being their products of choice.

Throughout their career, Pristine Drylining have built a remarkable portfolio of work and have most recently used Wondertex’s specially formulated products to prepare wall surfaces on a number of detached and semi-detached properties throughout County Derry.

Pristine Drylining’s team of contractors used prem filler and prem finish on plasterboard walls throughout the properties and on a typical week were working on areas up to 1200m².

Before prem filler and prem finish were applied, the plasterboard walls were prepared using Wondertex Metal Angle Tape – a specialist jointing tape designed to create precise and robust corner joints. Available in 30m rolls, Metal Angle Tape can be cut to your exact requirements eliminating wasted product.

A favourite of Dryliners, Metal Angle Tape has been created using 2 x 12mm steel strips which makes this superior joint tape the strongest on the market.

Plasterboard joint filler, prem filler, is the perfect product for bedding and filling tapes such as Metal Angle Tape. This plaster-based compound has been developed to provide the strength that’s needed when bedding tapes on external corners.

Available in contractor friendly 12.5kg bags, prem filler boasts a working time of 60-90 minutes – enough time for you to complete the task at hand – and is fast setting for early sanding allowing you to move on to the next part of the project quickly.

Wondertex prem filler’s perfect partner is prem finish plasterboard finishing compound. Suitable for the finishing of all plasterboard joints, prem finish is easy to apply and provides a seamless feathered finish for easy and professional over painting.

The advanced formula of prem filler and prem finish ensures both products have excellent workability and dry smooth for effortless sanding. Furthermore, both products have minimal or no shrinkage so you can be assured that once the material is in, it won’t crack or come out.

On the success of these projects, Johnny Millar at Pristine Drylining commented: “Wondertex are a big part of my pristine_drylining_wondertexday to day life and I’ve been using and loving their materials for a long time.” To find out more about the services available from Pristine Drylining please visit pristinedrylining.co.uk.