Launching in the UK for the first time, Voice of Colour has unveiled its 2018/19 Colour of the Year, Black Flame, along with its inspirational new colour palettes. Created by its global colour experts, the Voice of Colour collection exclusively brings the latest colour trends to Johnstone’s Trade paint coatings and its customers, following its success in North America.

Voice of Colour offers a full colour palette that is ideal for architects, interior designers, and facilities managers. Featuring a range of colour themes and stories, the collection has been designed to reflect the personality, interests and décor elements of their client’s space and help them achieve the right atmosphere in any environment.


Colour of the Year: Black Flame


As part of the launch, Voice of Colour has also introduced its 2018 trends guide, Corelation, which reveals Black Flame as its Colour of the Year. Blending two classic hues, black and indigo, the statement-making colour evokes privacy, hope and classic modernism.


Black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the indigo offers possibility and a deep hopefulness.


“Black Flame’s flexibility means it’s perfect to use in a variety of spaces – from a statement wall, to a matt finish on a ceiling. It can also be used with a high gloss finish on a naturally-lit staircase for example, or on cabinets, interior and exterior doors.


“Creating a fantastic backdrop, Black Flame allows other décor elements to take centre stage. It is a truly versatile shade and adds a contemporary look to any interior space.” said Donna Taylor, Principle Colour Consultant for Voice of Colour.


Global Colour Trends: Corelation


Black Flame is the anchor colour in the broader 2018/19 Global Colour Trends palettes, which encompass four primary themes that connect and resonate with current mindsets:


The Retreater theme addresses people’s growing need to regularly withdraw from the pressures, chaos and overstimulation that so often come with daily life. Light, airy tones that help achieve calm, balance and peace feature in this colour collection.


The Dream Weaver colour palette resonates with those who embody a perpetual ability to shine, live a free-spirited lifestyle and find creativity under any circumstance. Muted and ethereal brights, are complemented with earth-based tones in this collection.


The Commoner colour palette connects to those who are attracted to popular minimalist Nordic-inspired designs, which emphasise going back to basics. This palette aims to express diversity and an eclectic approach to living, expect colours that are muted, with vague tints to colours of the rainbow such as jewel tones.


The Brave colour story reflects a new design mentality that mimics the growing yearning for protection, strength and stability to feel safe during uncertain times. The deep, rich, luxurious colours that make up this substantial palette will be certain to turn heads in any space.


Commenting on this year’s colour palettes, Ben Wilde, Colour Marketing Manager from Voice of Colour, said: “2018’s inspiring Voice of Colour trends palettes have been developed following the collaboration of over 20 of our colour stylists from around the world who specialise in industries such as consumer electronics, architecture, automotive and aerospace.


“Our experts study user insights, building material trends, décor trends and more to create stimulating colour themes that resonate and are reflective of current attitudes. Using these unique colour groups, designers and architects can create bespoke interiors that are inspired by the needs of the end user.”


Each colour found in Corelation is available in the Johnstone’s Trade paint coatings range. You can view the full Corelation trends guide here: http://www.voiceofcolour.com/