The Crown Trade Protective Coatings Metal Gloss System – offering long lasting protection against the elements

Crown Trade Protective Coatings

If you are looking for a range that offers outstanding protection against the elements for metalwork projects then take a closer look at Crown Trade’s Protective Coatings.

Formulated using Crown Trade’s vast experience in decorative coatings and continual development in paint and colour technology, the Crown Trade Metal Gloss system is formulated to safeguard metalwork for the long term.

It delivers superior corrosion protection, a tough finish and excellent colour retention, with two system options for either 10 or 15 year protection.

You can rely on the system to protect any correctly prepared new or previously painted ferrous or non-ferrous metalwork, including structural steelwork, railings, fire escapes, gates and shutters.

The system has three main components – Crown Trade High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer, Crown Trade High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide and Crown Trade High Performance Gloss for Metal.

Crown Trade’s Protective Coatings T-Wash is also available for use on new galvanised metal that is correctly degreased prior to painting.

Nikki Cosgrove, Crown Trade Brand Manager, said: “Crown Trade’s High Performance Gloss for Metal – supplied in a wide-range of colours – is intended for use wherever a durable, long-lasting, high sheen finish is required.

“The system is easy to apply and has a premium formulation that provides a decorative finish, which protects for years against the most challenging elements.

“Depending on the nature of the project, one or two coats will offer up to ten years’ metal protection in a standard Crown Trade high performance system.

“The gloss can be applied onto previously painted surfaces, which need to first be cleaned and spot primed, while new metal requires cleaning and a preparatory coat of Crown Trade High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer.

“The high level of protection can be extended further still, for up to fifteen years, if one or two coats of Crown Trade High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide are applied beneath the gloss top coat.

“Offering an effective barrier against corrosion, Crown Trade High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide is an excellent intermediate coat and can even be used as a topcoat if colour and sheen are less important factors than protection.”

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Press release written by Jane Shepherd, Shepherd PR, 01538 308685 mobile 07985 129315