Protect exterior trim with Johnstone’s Trade


External wood trim that is exposed to the elements and the changeable nature of the weather needs the reliable and lasting protection offered by the Johnstone’s Stormshield Flexible Trim range.

The range, which includes the Flexible Primer Undercoat, Flexible Satin and Flexible Gloss and is now fully available in over 16,000 colours, provides decorators with products designed to provide long-lasting protection to exterior wood, including windows, doors, fascias and timber cladding.

When used as a system with the Flexible Primer Undercoat, the Flexible Gloss and Flexible Satin both offer longer lasting protection compared to using trim paints that are primarily designed for internal use. The system provides up to eight years’ protection to first major maintenance, reducing the need for shorter term redecoration programmes which can be costly and gives the user the confidence that their exterior woodwork and trim is protected for longer.

The trio of products can now be tinted to more colours, including deeper and darker shades, thanks to an extended offer. The products can be matched to any Johnstone’s, NCS, RAL, BS or bespoke colour requested, offering the ultimate choice.

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