Mediation & Conciliation

If your customers have any issues about your work, as a member of the SDF you’re entitled to mediation and conciliation from the SDF in the first instance.

If the matter is more complex, we put you directly in touch with our legal advisors, Simpson & Marwick who offer a free initial consultation and reduced rates thereafter.

We use mediation and conciliation, a voluntary process that facilitates constructive discussion between parties in dispute to help them resolve their issues.

That way, the parties in dispute are in control – they agree beforehand how the process develops, who will be involved and when, where and how it starts and finishes.

The outcome is confirmed in a binding agreement signed by all parties.

Most mediation and conciliation reaches a satisfactory outcome in one day so it’s cost effective for everyone.

And it’s confidential, in contrast to tribunal and court proceedings, which are usually conducted in public.


Here’s how it works:

1. Following a complaint from your customer, we discuss the situation with you. If it can’t be resolved, we may offer conciliation and mediation, if both parties agree

2. We contact your customer and offer conciliation and mediation

3. The parties (you and your customer) will be asked to send a written statement to the mediator setting out the factual background to the matter/s giving rise to the dispute and also setting out their desired incomes.[

4. Parties agree in advance who will attend the mediation, ensuring that attendees have the necessary authority to enter into a binding agreement at the end of the process.

5.The mediator agrees with the parties to discuss arrangements for the process.

6. All parties, including the mediator, sign the mediation agreement, which covers all the details of the process, including confidentiality obligation, venue, timing and costs.

7. On the day, the mediator usually has a series of individual and joint meetings with both parties, depending on what the parties are comfortable with.

8. Once a satisfactory outcome is reached, all parties sign a binding agreement to close the matter

To find out more, please call 01786 448838 and a member of the team will be pleased to help.