New Smooth Masonry paint contains innovative Quick Rain Resistance technology


joht_stormshield_smooth_masonry_5l SIGMA_1901_Infographic Quick Rain Resistance V8.3_JohnStones

Johnstone’s Trade has improved its Stormshield Smooth Masonry product to provide quick rain resistance, enabling painters and decorators to confidently schedule exterior projects all year round.

With unpredictable weather conditions making it difficult to plan masonry jobs, Johnstone’s Trade has equipped its popular water-based Smooth Masonry paint with new Quick Rain Resistance technology, making it rain resistant after just 20 minutes. It can also be applied from temperatures of 2ºC, and rising, allowing all season application.


In a recent survey by Johnstone’s Trade, 71 per cent of decorators said that bad weather was the biggest problem when working on masonry jobs, with 89 per cent having turned down exterior jobs because of the time of year. And, of the masonry jobs they do book, around a third (29 per cent) end up having to be postponed because of the threat of rain.


With masonry work making up about a fifth (18 per cent) of the average professional’s workload according to the research, decorators are missing out on a substantial number of jobs because of the weather either side of summer. At the moment, only one in 10 (11 per cent) decorators say they would feel completely confident doing masonry painting jobs in March, a third in April and a quarter (26%) in October. Naturally, the peak summer months – June, July and August – were much more favourable, with an average of 87 per cent.


This is because with standard masonry paints, showers can often cause run-outs, which ruin the finish. However, Johnstone’s new Smooth Masonry paint works by improving the binding process, ensuring new paint work quickly becomes rain resistant and delivers a smooth result.


The new product also has an improved opacity and spread rate of up to 17m² per litre, as well as enhanced outdoor durability, anti-carbonation properties, improved colour retention and 15 years’ weather protection certified by the BBA.


Timothy Hope, technical manager at Johnstone’s Trade, said: “Traditionally, the majority of painters and decorators wouldn’t even contemplate masonry work outside of the late spring or summer months – especially given the unpredictability of the weather in the UK. However, the market is growing and there’s greater pressure than ever on decorators to take on exterior work all year round. With our improved Smooth Masonry paint, they can do just that.


“We’ve taken our existing water-based exterior paint that people know and love, and added Quick Rain Resistance technology and a range of other benefits to create a catch-all solution that can be relied on at almost any temperature or time of year. This also means there’s no need to decide between a variety of confusing options – all the benefits are right there in one tin.”


The improved Johnstone’s Smooth Masonry is available in over 1,500 Voice of Colour colours. These colours have been formulated using more durable pigments which provide the most stable colours for outdoor use, protecting against UV colour fade. All the original sizes are available in the new and improved product – 2.5L, 5L and 10L.


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