Johnstone’s launches new floor protection system

Johnstone's Floor Protection System

Johnstone’s Trade has developed its new Floor Protection System as part of its Performance Coatings range to help make choosing the right floor coating easier.

The new system has been designed specifically to offer decorators a comprehensive and easy-to-understand approach to protecting floors. It includes solvent and water based paints, as well as pre-treatment and cleaning solutions.

The inclusion of paint system information on packaging, in store and online is a move designed to provide decorators with the product knowledge that they need. With products designed for surfaces subject to all types of traffic, from light foot traffic to heavy industrial machinery, decorators will be well equipped for any project.

Paint for Low Traffic Areas

Ideal for areas that are subject to low levels of foot traffic is the Johnstone’s Quick Dry Floor Paint which is water based and so is quick drying and low in odour.

Paint for Medium Traffic Areas

The Johnstone’s Flortred product is a versatile multi-use product that can also be tinted to more than 16,000 colours. For areas that are prone to slip risk, Johnstone’s Anti-Slip Flortred can be used which achieves a ‘low’ slip rating when tested to HSE7976 Parts 1-3. Both Flortred products can be used externally to mark out small areas.

Paint for Heavy Traffic Areas

For floor areas that may be subject to regular moving vehicles such as warehouses, Johnstone’s Two Pack Epoxy Solvent Based and Two Pack Epoxy Water Based Floor Paints are available to offer durable and lasting protection. The water based coating is low in odour whilst the solvent based paint is resilient to chemicals and solvents.

Johnstone’s commercial team are available to provide comprehensive technical knowledge about the system, while the Performance Coatings support phone line will be available on 01924 354354.

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