Johnstone’s in triple test triumph

Paint manufacturer Johnstone’s products are continuing to lead the way after a trio of its ranges recently came out on top in a series of unique product trials.

In the first of the recent trials, Johnstone’s Stormshield Smooth Masonry was certified as having ‘Excellent Anti-Carbonating Properties’ by Building Research Establishment (BRE). Anti-carbonation coatings are surface treatments that have a high resistance to carbon dioxide and protect concrete from carbonation by acting as a carbon dioxide barrier.

Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the decay of concrete structures as it may penetrate the concrete and damage any steel reinforcing rods within. Car parks and other buildings in highly populated areas suffer from continued exposure and so it is therefore vital that any masonry paint that is specified offers an adequate level of protection.

Johnstone’s Microbarr products, which have been formulated to help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, have also recently passed a series of tests that pitted the products against several cleaning products commonly used in hospitals – with no adverse effects on the paint.

Developed using proven silver technology that protects against over 150 strains of bacteria, Microbarr offers a robust, washable surface and further demonstrates that Johnstone’s is able to provide a solution for every interior surface.

Johnstone’s third recent success arrived when its Covaplus, Aqua Gloss and Acrylic Eggshell products were tested by the BRE in line with London Underground’s toxic fume criteria and achieved the requirements of BS 6853 :1999. This means that the products are now amongst the select few that meet the strict criteria for use on London’s underground system.

Megan Esmond, Marketing Manager at Johnstone’s Trade, said: “Johnstone’s is dedicated to continually testing and improving its products and this recent influx of certification further cements that philosophy. It’s especially rewarding to see that the hard work of our technical department is paying off when external bodies and organisations see fit to award our products with their accreditation.”

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