Johnstone’s helps Lanarkshire industrial park weather any storm

Several of the buildings located on one of Lanarkshire’s busiest industrial estates have been given a new lease of life and much-needed protection from the often harsh Scottish weather through the specification of products from Johnstone’s Performance Coatings range.

Painting contractor Cruinn Decorators, an SDF member, was tasked with the redecoration of four of the blocks that form part of the Motherwell Food Park site on Bellshill North Industrial estate.  After years of exposure to the elements and corrosive pollution from heavy traffic, the exteriors of the blocks had become extremely worn with faded and peeling paint.

Following an extensive preparation process where the substrates were cleaned with the use of a high pressure jet wash and where necessary further prepared by hand, the team from Cruinn Decorators applied 740 litres of Johnstone’s Semi Gloss Topcoat that had been tinted to produce three complementary RAL colours.

Ideally suited for use on metal substrates, the specialist Performance Coating provides exceptional protection from weathering including UV rays, and corrosion. In addition to providing the buildings with an attractive new finish, using Johnstone’s Semi Gloss Topcoat also offers a long-term minimum maintenance solution.

Steven Thomson from Innes Associates, the chartered building surveyors who project managed the refurbishment scheme, added: “The exteriors of the buildings had deteriorated greatly after years of exposure and so it was vital that once the substrates had been suitably prepared, the specified coating would not just look good but also effectively protect the surface.  We chose to specify Johnstone’s Semi Gloss Topcoat in order to provide both a high quality finish and protection from the damaging effects of pollution, UV exposure and harsh weather conditions.  The fact that the coating could be tinted to the client’s desired colour scheme was also a key factor in its specification.”

The team, faced with difficult weather conditions and a fully operational site, much of which was only accessible using hydraulic scissor lifts and booms, had to plan work carefully in advance, while remaining flexible and liaising with different trades so as not to impact negatively on the project’s critical construction path.

Iain Barr from Cruinn Decorators said: “This was a very challenging project and as the exteriors of the buildings were so damaged; there was a great deal of preparation to be done prior to the repainting.  It was essential that the work we carried out provided long-term benefits that would help to minimise the cost and disruption of future maintenance.  As the industrial estate remained in use throughout, we needed products that were easy to apply, fit for purpose and gave a high quality finish. The use of Johnstone’s products has helped transform these buildings and will protect them for years to come.”


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