Housing scheme crowns first anniversary with recycled bench

A bench made from recycled paint containers has been donated by Crown Paints to celebrate the first year of a safety partnership with Derby Homes and Bell Group.

Under a five-year contract, more than 200 Derby Homes’ properties across the East Midlands’ city are being painted with the flame retardant coating, Crown Trade Timonox Vinyl Matt, by a team of 20 from Bell Group.

To mark the first year of the works, Derby Homes received the recycled bench at their headquarters in the city, which hosts a range of community facilities and meeting points for tenants.

Peter Howell, Senior Surveyor at Derby Homes said: “The bench will be well-received by our tenants, staff and visitors.

“It’s a fitting way to mark the important safety works being carried out in the community under this project.

“This is a landmark year for us from a safety perspective, as we are being awarded the President’s Award from RoSPA after holding their Gold Medal consecutively for 10 years.

“Fire prevention is an important part of our work and using the Crown Trade Timonox system on the communal stairways helps us meet our duty of care requirements and at the same time achieve a durable finish for these busy areas.”

Sharon Smith, Crown Paints Brand Manager, said: “Crown Trade has played a key role in fire safety for more than 40 years – slowing down the spread of flames and ‘buying’ precious time for buildings to be evacuated.

“The system can help bring premises up to the required safety standards of relevant legislation including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) and the Fire (Scotland) Act.

“All surfaces painted with conventional paints have the potential to cause fire to spread very quickly throughout a building.

“Even previously non-combustible surfaces, such as plasterboard covered in layers of old paint, can become a mass of flames in seconds.

“This is a particular problem in common access and circulation areas.

“However, providing the existing coatings are sound, Crown Trade Timonox can restore a surface to the Class 0 rating required by the legislation and can help by slowing down and limiting the spread of flames throughout a building, giving invaluable time for occupants to get to a place of safety.

Crown Trade Timonox is being applied in a variety of colours for the project, to match the different environments in each property.

This five year contract is the second term of works between Crown Paints, Derby Homes and Bell Group.

Crown Paints and Bell Group have supported the partnership with Derby Homes with a range of activities, including involvement with their charity golf day, which was organised to support Derby Homes 2017 charity partner, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Earlier this year they have also carried out a voluntary project to paint the sports hall of The Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre, based in Skegness, which has been supported by Derby Homes since 2005.

For further details about Crown Trade Timonox please contact the Crown Trade Customer Relations Team by calling 0330 0240297 or emailing info@crowntrade.co.uk

Decorators can also find out more about Crown Trade by visiting  www.crowntrade.co.uk.Derby Homes Timonox (2) Derby Homes Timonox 3 (2) March 2017 - Derby Homes bench presentation