Flagship recycling scheme goes from strength to strength

CROWN PAINTS flagship Kick Out The Can recycling scheme is celebrating its most successful year yet.


This year saw more than double the number of containers of surplus paint brought into Crown Decorating Centres across the UK, ready to be recycled and given a new lease of life.


The final total amounted to an amazing 20,000 cans of unwanted paint being returned to the network of 135 stores during the innovative scheme’s three-week campaign.


All paint brought into the stores has now been reprocessed by social enterprise company Nimtech, based at Crown’s Darwen headquarters, ready to be distributed to deserving community projects across the UK.


Beneficiaries include Princes Trust projects, youth skills training enterprises and small not-for-profit schemes in the communities where Crown Decorating Centres are based.


Explained Crown Paints Sustainability Manager, Mark Lloyd: “Kick Out The Can is now in its fourth year and we are very proud of its track record.  Every element of the process has been carefully thought out to ensure maximum environmental gain with minimal impact.


“For example, containers brought into the network of Crown Decorating Centres are collected by our drivers when they make deliveries to a store, thus reducing the travel footprint.


“And it’s not just the paint that is reconstituted – both metal and plastic containers are also recycled. The plastic is now being shredded on site ready to be made into smart and sturdy benches and planters for use in the community.


“Paint is not an easy product to dispose of, and of course we have a responsibility to consider how we can reduce our environmental impact. To be able to manage, minimise and recycle waste and creating a virtuous circle to support the community shows that we are genuinely committed to the cause.”


For more information on Kick Out The Can and Crown Paints commitment to the environment, visit https://www.crownpaints.co.uk/crown/sustainability

Crown KOTC 2016-4

Pictured at Crown’s Darwen headquarters are (left to right) Warehouse Team Leader Julie Millner, Waste & Regulatory HSE Manager Ian Coote, Sustainability Technology Officer Rachel Demaine, Chief Executive of Nimtech David Bowker, Crown Decorating Centres’ Marketing Manager Paula Taylor and Corporate Communications Executive Danielle Holmes.


Kick Out The Can ran for three weeks from March 21st to April 18th, 2016.


A total of 20,000 cans of unwanted paint were returned to stores this year compared to just over 9,000 in 2015.