Exterior painting is covered with Sandtex Trade video series

As the summer season arrives and decorators get the chance to tackle projects outdoors, Sandtex Trade is issuing a timely reminder of its series of videos, produced to give decorators the complete picture on exterior painting.

‘This Is Sandtex Trade’ is a series of five videos, presented by Crown Paints Product Trainer Kevin O’Donnell, which take contractors through a variety of subjects associated with painting outdoors.

All five videos have been designed to meet the individual needs of decorating professionals and build on the content already provided on Sandtex Trade’s website www.sandtextrade.co.uk

The videos can also be accessed easily with a fully responsive format for all media devices including mobiles, tablets and computers.

The first video covers the topic of preparation and pre-treatment. It includes a wide-range of information presented in the form of studio demonstrations and work out on site.

Guidance on the main considerations for exterior projects and advice on the Sandtex Trade products which fall within the preparation and pre-treatment category are also featured.

The second video looks at different types of masonry paint, while trims are covered in episode three.

Sandtex Trade’s High Build and Ultimate Crack Repair System are then featured in the fourth film, with the series concluding with Sandtex Trade’s 365 All Weather Masonry Paint.

Sharon Smith, Crown Paints Trade Brand Manager, said: “We produced the ‘This Is Sandtex Trade’ series to meet the request from decorators for more video content.

“They have been produced to offer a wealth of information, which delivers useful information in an engaging and easy to view style.”

The ‘This Is Sandtex Trade’ series can be viewed on the Sandtex Trade website as well as the brand’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SandtexTrade

Decorators can also find out more about Sandtex Trade from the Customer Relations Team on 0330 0240302 or email info@sandtextrade.co.uk365 Ipad - Laptop - Phone 365