Everything you need to know for your Skills Test

CITB, in partnership with SPADAC,  has created a new video (below) explaining everything apprentices need to know about the Skills Test, which apprentices must take towards the end of their final year in the P&D Modern Apprenticeship.

The 11-minute video explains:

  • An introduction about the Skills Test
  • What happens before the test, including how to register, what to take etc
  • The Skills Test itself, including a breakdown of what to expect in the test such as painting interior trim, cross-lining a wall and papering a wall
  • The assessment process, including the standards required
  • What happens after the test including how to get the results and information about a re-sit.

We hope this helps de-mystify the process. Let us know what you think. For more informative visit the SPADAC website.

What you need to know for your Skills Test