Decorators on board with Crown Trade Timinox at Heathrow’s Terminal B



In a project that demanded the very best in safety, sustainability and supplies, H&S Decorating Specialists are proud to have played a part in the new multi-billion pound Terminal 2B at Heathrow, where they used Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings for the first time.

A total of 5,000 litres of Crown Trade Timonox Scrubbable Matt have been applied across a large swathe of the world-leading building, which will cater for around 20 million passengers a year.

Terminal 2B is the largest airside project Heathrow Airport has ever undertaken.

Grimshaw was the architect for the building, which has been constructed by Balfour Beatty.

Sustainability has been a major factor in the development, which is the world’s first Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certified airport terminal.

Balfour Beatty consulted with suppliers, including Crown Paints, to ensure complete sustainability throughout the project, something which was aided by Crown Paints’ carbon footprint reporting process.

This enabled the environmental team from Balfour Beatty to gather information about materials on site, to feed into their own Sustainability Action Plan, measuring areas including energy use, water use and materials.

Mohamed El Shazly, Balfour Beatty’s environmental advisor to the Heathrow T2B project, said: “Crown Paints knows the process that the paints have been through from raw materials through to transportation and their carbon footprint reporting has really helped us.

“I found the service from Crown Paints to be really helpful and they were very forthcoming with the information.”

Prior to being appointed to the project, H&S Decorating Specialists had to show they had the management systems and trained workforce in place to operate under stringent on-site conditions – while Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings had to prove the right paint for the job to measure up to the demanding safety and durability requirements.

Mick Morley, Rail and Transport Operations Director at H&S Decorating Specialists, said: “We had a team of between nine and 16 men carrying out the work as part of a 16 month contract.

“It was the first time they’d used Timonox and it worked really well.

“The team rollered it and used a brush to apply the product to block-work walls in the back of office utilities including storage plant rooms.

“The area they’ve applied it to stretched through arrivals, departures, the apron and through to the basement.

“The paint has got excellent obliterating qualities and the guys using it felt it covered the surfaces really well.”

When applied to non-combustible surfaces, Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings provide excellent flame retardant properties and can maintain the fire rating of the construction with subsequent applications.

Debbie Orr, Marketing Manager at Crown Paints, said: “We were delighted to supply Crown Trade Timonox to this high-profile project, which demanded high performance combined with excellent sustainability credentials.

“It is also great to hear that the team at H & S Decorating Specialists had such a positive response to using the system for the first time.

“All paints contain material that can burn – but Crown Trade Timonox products are specially formulated to slow down this process. This means they can help buy precious extra time for evacuation – with the potential to save lives.

“The system reduces the risk of fire spread on walls and ceilings where multiple layers of conventional paint can create a flammable surface if they have built up over many years.

“This means that Timonox is generally used for refurbishment projects, where it basically spreads flames more slowly than traditional paint, whether water borne or solvent borne. Used over multiple layers of sound, standard paints, Timonox systems can re-instate the original fire rating of surfaces without the need to remove the existing coatings.

“However, at Heathrow Terminal 2B, the specifier is being very forward-thinking, as the use of Timonox here is maintaining the fire rating of the new construction from the start.

“In the long-term, providing Timonox is used when it is refurbished, it will continue to keep the original fire rating.”

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Press release written by Jane Shepherd, Shepherd PR Limited, 01538 308685