City landmark to stand the test of time with Johnstone’s

Johnstone's Trade - Telegraph House

A landmark Victorian building in the heart of a bustling city centre is now ready to face the next decade after being protected by products from Johnstone’s Trade’s Stormshield range.  

Grade II Listed Telegraph House, which was originally home to the Sheffield Telegraph newspaper, is located on Sheffield’s High Street and now houses retail units on street level with commercial offices and apartments above. Completed with a distinctive clock face and mouldings, it was originally constructed in 1890 – the same year that Johnstone’s Trade was formed.

Sheffield-based decorating company Dolphin applied nearly 600 litres of Johnstone’s products during the three-month project to protect the building’s exterior for at least the next 10 years. Two contrasting shades of grey were used to pick out the intricate mouldings on the building’s façade to fully showcase the striking 19th century architecture.

Johnstone’s Stormshield Smooth Masonry, which boasts a BBA approved 15-year life expectancy, will provide excellent protection from the weather as well as potential damage from vehicle exhaust fumes. For the woodwork, Johnstone’s Professional Undercoat and Gloss proved the perfect combination by providing a tough coating system with lasting protection.

Situated in the heart of Sheffield’s main shopping area, next to the Supertram and surrounded by busy pedestrian walkways, the project was not without its challenges. Co-ordinated by Lambert Smith Hampton, Dolphin relied on extensive scaffolding, which had to be installed at night during negotiated Supertram closures to minimise disruption to public transport services. The scaffolding was fully sheeted in to allow works to progress safely during the day to ensure the general public remained unaffected.

Mark Rooker of Dolphin said: “Telegraph House is an instantly recognisable Sheffield landmark and we felt confident that Johnstone’s Stormshield range would provide the protection needed, without compromising on its heritage. We’re delighted to have played our part revitalising this stunning building.”

The project was awarded a place on the shortlist for the prestigious title of Johnstone’s Painter of the Year 2013.

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