Cheers all round to a wee dram of the finest paint

Presenting a public face that is welcoming and pristine is vital for any visitor attraction.

And when you’re one of Scotland’s most historic whisky distilleries, playing host to thousands of guests in the picturesque Perthshire hillsides, you need to look your best all year round.

However, when you’re not a paint and coatings expert, knowing what products to use to create that all year round wow factor can be tricky.

For Andrew Symington, the owner of Edradour Distillery, near Pitlochry, it was a problem solved when he built up a trusting business relationship with Crown Decorating Centre manager Austin Myers.

The idyllic site is kept looking in top condition with Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth masonry paint on the whitewashed distillery and cask store buildings, Crown Trade Gloss in Geranium for the distinctive coloured doors, Sadolin Superdec and Crown Trade Fastflow on its attractive wooden fencing.

Meanwhile, in Edradour’s stylish Tasting Bar and Conference Room a variety of complementary Sadolin products have been tastefully blended using Sadolin, Classic, Sadolin Clearcoat and Sadolin Extra Durable.Picture 1 Edradour and CDC Picture 2 - Edradour and CDC Picture 3 - Edradour and CDC Picture 4 - Edradour and CDC Picture 5 - Edradour and CDC

Said Andrew: “Edradour is the smallest traditional distillery in Scotland and arguably the most unique. Dating back to 1825, it stands alone as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whisky from a farm distillery still in production today.

“The site is a five-star attraction so we have a constant rolling programme of painting to ensure it always looks its absolute best. We have thousands of visitors every year and our business is growing rapidly. There are a mixture of old and new buildings and we are in the process of developing the site even further.

“We started using Crown Paints back in 2002 when we had facilities in Edinburgh and just continued the relationship when we moved up here. The range of products are great and I like the new innovations such as Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Drying Gloss which looks fabulous on our picket fences.

“The Crown Decorating Centre team are great and the service they provide is fantastic. We can’t fault them.”

Austin Myers, manager of the CDC in nearby Dundee added: “When I joined the company in 2010 Andrew bought and paid for paint from us as and when he needed it. He was reluctant to set up an account but when I explained the terms would be more cost effective, especially in the volumes he was buying, he realised that it made sense.

“Andrew knows his stuff about painting products and is very hands-on at the site, but we do also give advice on what paints and wood stains will work best for him. I’ll go out and talk him through new products, like the new Crown Trade Fastflow Gloss which they also now use.

“When we need to make a delivery to Edradour there’s always a tussle for the keys to the van because it is the most amazing place to visit. We supply them with 250-300 gallons of paint a year along with brushes and rollers and we’ve even supplied them with a scaffolding tower.

“The way we work with Edradour is a great example of how we can give the best customer service – it’s a win-win situation because we value their custom and they also value our expertise.”

For Edradour their hard work in creating a stunning visitor attraction is certainly paying off. Business is booming and work is now under way to build six vast new buildings to treble their cask storage capacity.

All are earmarked for painting with Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth to maintain the uniform appearance of the site and further strengthening the business relationship between Edradour and their local Crown Decorating Centre team.

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