Brighten up with Johnstone’s Smooth Metal Paint


Professional decorators will now be able to choose from over 10,000 colours when painting metal surfaces after leading brand Johnstone’s Trade announced a significant step forward for its Smooth Metal Paint offering.

This means that the product is now able to provide practical and high performance solutions for metal protection with safety and identification colours now available.

As well as being available in all British Standard colours, Smooth Metal Paint can be tinted to all RAL, NCS and Johnstone’s Colour Card colours, ensuring a superior finish in almost any colour imaginable.

Smooth Metal Paint forms part of Johnstone’s Metal Defence System range and benefits from being a primer and top coat in one. It can be applied directly to bare, previously painted or rusted surfaces and provides a smooth, semi-gloss finish.

The coating, which is specifically designed to provide up to five years’ corrosion protection for exterior and interior metal surfaces, offers excellent anti-corrosive properties whilst maintaining the highest levels of adhesion and has become a firm favourite with decorators.

The product can be recoated after two hours and no specialist thinner is required, white spirit will do the job perfectly. The coating has also been extensively tested to verify its exceptional adhesion attributes and anti-corrosive properties, giving up to five years’ extended life before first major maintenance.

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