President’s Chain

The President’s Chain of office is made up of 32 decorative links with each Past President’s name and term of office inscribed on the reverse.

It was made from enameled gold by RJ Bennett of Glasgow in 1891 and each decoration represents the branch from which the President hails. Nowadays, the President’s name is engraved on an individual gold leaf that folds inside the central or the back pendant (Please click on the image).

The Chain is ceremoniously passed from the incumbent President to the incoming President each year at the SDF’s national convention to signal the start of the new term of office.

The President’s Wife is referred to as the Lady President. She is presented with her own commemorative brooch to mark her tenure alongside her husband.

In 2011, serving President Brendan Keenan was instrumental in commissioning a new, contemporary design for the Lady President’s commemorative brooch by Bekki Churcher, a postgraduate of Glasgow School of Art.