Code of conduct

All members of the Scottish Decorators’ Federation have undertaken to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. Observance of this Code is the essence of the existence of the Federation.

1. Members shall in all senses observe a high standard of commercial honesty in dealing with their clients.

2. Members shall at all times be prepared to give a written quotation for the work to be undertaken providing that it is the intention of the client to give them a fair chance of doing the work proposed should this quotation be acceptable.

3. Any quotation submitted shall be fair to both the client and contractor to give a reasonable profit for a fair job.

4. Members shall always recommend a method of treatment, which will give a good job. Should this prove more expensive than the client is prepared to pay, the member shall point out to the client that while prepared to fall in line with the client’s wishes, the proposal may not give the results expected by the client.

5. Members shall so conduct their business that all work done shall be carried out by competent operatives and apprentices and under proper supervision. They shall pay fair wages to their employees as shall be agreed between their Trade Union and this Federation.

6. When working to a specification, members shall at all times carry out terms of the specifications in so far as practicable and they shall have responsibility for pointing out any apparent inadequacies in specification. When asked to recommend a specification they shall recommend in so far as practicable a specification which shall be adequate for its purposes.

7. Members ought always to place their professional experience and advice at the disposal of their clients.

8. Members ought not to be expected, without financial compensation, to rectify faults of other trades which are not the Member’s responsibility.

Members are required to observe the terms of this Code and to ensure that any matters arising are investigated under the Federation’s procedures.