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Newsletter 117 Jan 16

Newsletter Number 117 January 2016

newsletter 117 January 2016Newsletter 117

Newsletter 116 Nov 15

newsletter 116 November 2015

Tender prices forecast to rise
Fatal Accident Inquiries – importance of record keeping

newsletter 115 October 2015

Payment applications – get the dates right or risk losing out!

Scottish Government plans to abolish Employment Tribunal Fees

Newsletter Number 114 August 2015

Newsletter 114

ACAS guide on leave for antenatal / adoption appointments

Alcohol in the workplace

Newsletter Number 113 June 2015

Newsletter 113

Newsletter Number 112 May 2015

Newsletter 112

CDM Regulations

Changes to CITB Grant Scheme

Changes to Employment Law

newsletter 111

2015 Competition Winners

Driven to Distraction – use of phones while driving

Social Media



Newsletter Number 110 February 2015

newsletter 110

ACAS guide on accompaniment at disciplinary & grievance meetings

Parental leave change

Challenging final certificates

Newsletter Number 109 January 2015

Newsletter 109

Demise of CLE

Smith Commission

Conciliation & Complaints

Newsletter Number 108 December 2014

Newsletter 108

Pensions Regulator fine for Employers

Employing Offenders – A Dangerous Game?

Newsletter Number 107 October 2014

Newsletter 107

Shared Parental Leave

10 Cyber security tips


Newsletter 106

Newsletter Number 106 September 2014

CITB Levy System

The Meaning of Disability

Ladder Exchange 2014

Tender prices


newsletter 105

Newsletter Number 105 July 2014

Employment Allowance

Shared Parental Leave


Newsletter Number 104 May 2014

Newsletter 104

Importance of a well conducted disciplinary hearing

ACAS – early conciliation in effect 6 April 2014

Information from British Coatings Federation on MIT (methylisothiazolinone)



Newsletter Number 103 March 2014

Newsletter Number 103 March 2014

Newsletter 103

Convention & Exhibition 2014

Placing sub contracts 6 top tips

Tender prices to rise


Newsletter Number 102 January 2014
Newsletter 102

CITB looking to make the levy return simpler
Scottish employer forums for levy & grant