Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet


•    The SDF is the second largest Scottish construction Federation.

•    As a consensus Federation, it has an input to the maintenance of the CITB-ConstructionSkills’ Levy paid by companies with wages in excess of £80k p/a. This is a statutory requirement used to help deliver grants, apprenticeship training and recognised qualifications.

•    While there are a considerable number of construction federations throughout the UK, the SDF is one of only 3 consensus federations in Scotland and 17 in the UK.

•    More than half the industry’s 30 manufacturers are members of the SDF.

•    Manufacturers Artex, Crown, Hamilton Acorn, Oakey, PPG Architectural Coatings and Purdy support the Scottish Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship Council (SPADAC) scheme by providing materials for apprentices’ toolkits, which are presented to them in the first year of their apprenticeship.

•    There is a strict criteria for SDF membership:
o    Employers must have been trading for two years
o    Alternatively, start-up companies will be assigned an SDF mentor
o    Their staff has to be fully trained to SVQ3 standard, work to proper certified standards and legislation
o    They must follow the Federation’s Code of Conduct
o    They must possess all the required insurances
o    They must have a landline telephone
o    They must provide at least two customer references with an inspection to be undertaken to verify their competency.

•    Members of the Federation are allocated to a local branch in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness.

•    Local branches are responsible for the appointment of members to the National Council, which runs the Federation, and to 15 committees covering topics from Education to Finance & Management to Good Practice.

•    Since 2002, the SDF has published its own quarterly magazine Decorating Matters for members, which is distributed to over 4000 contractors, architects, surveyors, Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

•     For more than 25 years, the SDF has produced a bi-monthly newsletter to inform members of new legislation, health and safety and industry updates as well as new products, member and SDF news.

•    The Federation has recently developed a paid-for app (hyperlink to app in members’ section) through which members can access personal training on Estimating and PQQs.

•    The British Decorators’ Federation was established in Leicester, England in 2011 by the SDF to better represent painting and decorating companies south of the border.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SDF – believed to be the first of its kind to expand into England from Scotland.

Industry Facts and FIgures

•    The painting and decorating trade makes up 10% of the construction industry.

•    Painting & Decorating is the only construction craft that has its own HNC.

•    It is estimated that the industry gets through 15m litres of paint each year, with a value of £40m.

•    Paint makes up 8-10% of a job’s value with the remainder on labour.

•    Painting and Decorating is an international business with manufacturers from Sweden, Japan, German, Holland Italy, the UK and USA.

Did you know?

•    600 apprentices are in training through the SPADAC scheme over any four-year apprenticeship period in Scotland.

•    Some well-known former painters and decorators include, Scottish actor Robert Carlyle, Scottish singer Marti Pellow, 1950s Scottish folk music duo The Alexander Brothers, The X Factor’s Matt Cardle, UFC fighter Terry Etim, First-ever female boxing Olympian Nicola Evans and weightlifting Olympian Gareth Evans.

•    When the Egyptian pharoah Tutankhamun’s tomb was opened, it was several days before the Egyptologists realised that the walls were not marble but in fact Trompe L’oeil, an ancient but still practised method of reproducing paint effects.

•    Roz Keenan was the first female President of any trade association in Scotland. She presided over the SDF from 1995 to 1996.